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I don't offer fluff. I don't push. You don't have time for that.

But you do have time to be provoked and cracked open to what's possible upon occasion, right?

You do want to excel at shaping a meaningful creative life that boosts your brand, lifts up other people, and opens you up to possibility, right? Good.

I'm committed every day to help people & teams advance their best endeavors with integrity - special projects, brand identities, personal brand transitions, new business models, book development & publishing, and just real and true deep-dive creative living.

The thousands of people in our international Tracking Wonder Pack are doing remarkable work in these exhilarating times of change - and many of them are doing it together.

Here's a taste of what will you get:
  • My Sunday Dispatches are filled with resources and ideas for branding, idea leadership, meaningful work, and doing business as unusual. You'll also be the first to know when my Tracking Wonder Team and I are creating something new for you.
  • I'll send you a worksheet to help you prioritize and move forward on your project, a handbook to help you work and play with wonder & curiosity, a report on how changes in our economy could effect how you work in the next few years, and our "Be a Business Artist" manifesto.
And in case you wonder, we never share or sell your information.  Not cool.

Let's get started.

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